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Model 3 Production is ramping up to 1,000 units per week which is very exciting for Tesla TSLA) right now.  As the ramp continues toward 2,500 per week and higher, investors should now be watching out for the Model Y announcement this summer.

The Model Y announcement combined with Powerwall hitting displays in Home Depot very soon, should send this stock much higher in the coming months.  At some point, TSLA will see a huge break out above $400 and likely settle out between $400-$450 as the new trading range.  Dips near $300 and below continue to be a strong screaming buy for the long term.

Exciting things to come:

Model 3 Production Ramp
Model Y Announcement
Solar Roof and Power Wall in Home Depot
Tesla Semi 2019 Production
Tesla Roadster 2019 Production
Tesla Pickup Truck Announcement in 2019

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