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Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey, is now reconsidering a run for President.  Chris Christie has been getting heat from many popular Republican donors for not running and he is finally second guessing that decision.  My guess is that he is taking the weekend to discuss with family and friends and will be letting the top donors know at some point next week.


In my opinion, Chris Christie is the best Republican candidate we have and Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have no chance nor do I want them in office.


Christie is known for doing what's not popular, but doing what's right.  He is a real straight shooter and is the kind of change we are looking for.  Obama is okay but he is just not getting the job done and his ratings are falling off a cliff.  


If Chris Christie runs for President, I expect some kind of rally in the summer and fall of 2012 on anticipation of him winning.



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Herman Cain for President
Did you watch the debate last night? They all went after Cain and made fun of his 9 9 9 plan.

Perry looked terrible again, Newt Gingrich just regulates, Bachmann is a very smart woman but doesnt stand a chance, Romney was Romney , Huntsman and Santora although very passionate of course aren't in the race.

And Ron Paul was great attacking the fed as usual. 

Christie rips Obama over deficit talks: 'What the hell are we paying you for?'


Gotta love this guy. Classic statement.

Jokes. What selective memory. Obama led with a deal agreed to by Boehner acceptable to the American people and the majority of representatives way, way before the "debacle" occurred. The Tea Party then killed it, recall? ...Not that any other President ever had to ensure a debt ceiling agreement on funding already committed to and approved by Congress. The poor leader PR memo circulated by the Republican party is so confusing to the rest of the world. To us, Obama is one of the most sophisticated, analytical, conciliatory and visionary leaders in the last 50 years. This will be obvious during his post presidency, when he does not have to parent Congress. For now, I suppose the US wants to clog Congress at any cost to get rid of him, and then replace him with either a Pizza Man in Cain, or a Pizza Eater like Christie. So, I suppose they will settle on a piece of Teflon with a history of policy left of Obama like Romney, or a corrupt Washington insider like Gingrich... only realizing too late that he is, um, a corrupt Washington insider. They would consider a George W redux "strong leader" in Perry, but he can't even remember the legal voting age, or the Department of Energy (even though he comes from the energy capital of the US).

Hopeless Charlie Brown, hopeless.


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