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Pfizer has the only FDA-approved drug in a class called CCR5 antagonists. A "cure for HIV" will most likely focus on CCR5, top scientist say.


If not by Pfizer's maraviroc, then a next-generation version of it could be part of the long-awaited cure. This isn't like fusion energy, where the breakthrough is always 30 years away. In this case, a conservative bet is 10 years. Actually, a cure for HIV has been demonstrated in one patient, which amounts to a proof of concept.


Some background:


Mutations in human genes cause muscular dystrophy, but a mutation in the CCR5 gene has a huge health benefit: people with it are almost completely resistant to HIV infection. Since that discovery was made in 1996, Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies have become focused on developing a treatment that mimics the effects of a CCR5 mutation.


Here is a summary I wrote that describes the race for a cure for HIV --

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