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Here is an article about the Debt Crisis in Greece and all you need to know about it.  The crisis isn't effecting the U.S. right now because our banks have minimal exposure to Greece.  However, if somehow something doesn't get done over there and Greece defaults, it would effect Banks in Germany, France Italy, ect and send things into a tailspin over there.  This would then effect the US and the whole world for that matter because our exposure is huge in other European countries.


Not sure how this will all play out, but keep tabs on the news!


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While he may have to modulate people's expectations, I am sure he will temper them with some language regarding his nimbleness to respond via monetary policy, even if he says nothing new. It really is gradients of nano-signals with the Fed. The point though is that the market usually freezes in the hour leading into his comments, and then generally watersheds in whichever direction the Big Boys/supercomputers jolt us. I mean, it essentially de facto moves the 3pm crazy-hour/power-hour up a few hours. The key is to not be on the wrong side of whatever happens.

The sad fact is that a single headline out of Europe (and mind you, now we usually get three/day) has the same effect as explicit (as opposed to implicit) monetary policy by the Fed. It just doesn't add up, and it's brutal if you're simply trying to trade off of individual stock fundamentals like a normal sane sentient person.

Believe it or if anything I think they will buy mortgage backed securities again. To drive down borrowing costs to free up money.
I agree Rhee, it's 100% impossible to have any confidence in this market 
Bernanke just said considering  mortgage backed securities again to help the housing market.  securities
Angela merkel just said if Greece votes no to referendum than they're out of the eurozone
French president Nicolas Sarkozy said late Wednesday that a sixth tranche of aid won't be paid to Greece unless the country decides to adopt the European proposals outlined last week to help the region out of its sovereign debt crisis, according to reports. The Greek prime minister said early this week that there would be a confidence vote and a referendum on the proposals, taking markets -- which had believed the euro zone was in agreement over the deal -- by surprise, the reports said. Sarkozy said Wednesday that, if Greece does hold a referendum, it must take place as quickly as possible and is now expected to be held on Dec. 4 and 5, according to the reports. German chancellor Angela Merkel added that the proposals outlined last week will be speeded up and that Europe is prepared in the event that Greece decides to exit the euro, the reports said. Both Sarkozy and Merkel were speaking after emergency talks held with Greek prime minister George Papandreou in Cannes ahead of the Group of 20 summit.
Big twist in the European drama....the Dow Jones Futures are lower by 100 points.

Max Keiser loses his mind on Greek commentator. Wow


And...the #1 hit in greece right now...


What would need to happen with greece tonight to move the stock market up on monday?
A lot going on, watch for Greek pm resignation, Italian debt, and downgrades of European banks, Moody's is watching Austrian banks in particular 
Prime Minister George Papandreou and his government face a confidence vote in Parliament tonight that could decide whether Greece will head for early elections or if talks regarding the formation of an interim administration will begin.

Papandreou needs to garner 151 out of 300 points in Parliament to remain in power but his government only has a two-seat majority.

The prime minister indicated late on Thursday that he would be willing to step aside and allow an emergency government to be formed but insisted that he wanted his MPs to publicly show their support for him first.

Live updates here


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