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For a micro-cap stock, this company is doing all the right things. Take a look at there most recent 10k, and then check out the news they put out today talking about how their 1Q profits have already surpassed all of 2011's profits. I think this company has some potential that you just never see out of stocks in this category. Obviously go and do your own Due Dilligence, but just thought I would give you guys the heads up on this one.

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You know I love this play.Closed Friday .0058...corrent ask .0063.


ECDC~~~TARGET PRICE~~.02-.03 CENTS~~READ HERE~~Earthsearch (OTC:ECDC) Issued a $0.02 to $0.03 Short-Term Price Target
Last Updated: April 26, 2012 - 4:50am EST

(NEW YORK)--Ludlow Capital, an equity research firm based in New York, issued a research alert and price target on Earthsearch Communications, which is traded under the name East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTC:ECDC).

Improved Earnings Outlook

For the first three months of 2012, the Company experienced a sharp increase in new purchase orders and revenues, both from our partner network and corporate clients. For the second quarter 2012, the company reported revenues grew significantly in the early part of second quarter when compared to same quarter 2011. Driven by strong partner activities and a more aggressive delivery of customized solutions to clients using wireless communication between GPS and RFID integrated with other sensor technologies including biometrics; we expect to see accelerated revenue growth throughout the 2012 fiscal year.

Recent trips by the CEO to several markets has triggered a more active partner network and allow us to better understand local needs of our partners in various markets. The company intend to use its knowledge to create solutions that meet local needs that will drive our revenue growth.

Institutional Backing

The Company recently entered into two equity financings with Ironridge Technology Co., an institutional investor financing small cap public companies in the technology sector, for an aggregate of more than $2.5 million. The Company settled over $1 million in accounts payable, which Ironridge had acquired from various creditors of the company, in exchange for shares of common stock. The transaction thereby substantially reduced the Company's liabilities, including its outstanding accounts payable balance.

Conversion Price of $0.013

Under the Series B Stock Purchase Agreement, Ironridge has agreed to convert the shares at more than 285% of the current market price, which comes out to a conversion price of around $0.013 per share.

Target Valuation

If you look at some other well known social networking stocks, such as LinkedIn, Groupon, and Facebook's pending IPO, you can see the market can value some of these deals into the billions of dollars.

Giving the merger between Earthsearch and Rogue Paper, which has connections to such social networking giants such as Twitter, their pending launch of their social networking site 'Wet Winds, and $2.5 million in institutional backing, it wouldn't be unjustifiable to target a conservative $10 to $15 million market cap valuation for ECDC. With just below 500 million shares issued and outstanding, that would give the company a short-term price target of around a $0.02 to $0.03, conservatively.

I sold EOD friday for a decent profit, I will probably by back into it on monday with the profit from friday if it continues up.

Bought back in at .0075 this morning, and sold at .0096. Gonna play this fiddle as long as I can!

ECDC took a beating today 5/1. Don't overreact, or is this a trend?

comment reserved,,,just sayin.

IMO you outta be buying on the dips,,,but then that`s just my thoughts.

ECDC gave back 34% today. This simply is indicative that stocks that will double your money one day will certainly halve your money the next -- and vice versa. What matters most is your due diligence, fair expectations regarding profit/losses, entry/exit and strategic plan (e.g., stops, doubling down, timeframes, fundamentals, etc.). If it can, ECDC will be looking to establish support at today's .0059, then .0049-.0052. Its 4-wk low support level is around .0022. If it consolidates and regains its footing at some point, resistance would first be .0072 and then to the upside, certainly its recent high of .0010. The move to catch is always the last parabolic move on a 3-day methodical bottom-left to top-right climb. That big move was obviously yesterday. If/when a next one occurs hinges on a dependable support level regained, positive volume and PR, as per usual.

With the immediate drop this morning, I did not end up getting back in today. We'll see what it does tomorow, I don't think this thing has completely puttered out yet. As with all pennies (and is repeatedly emphasized on this forum), approach with caution and your finger on the trigger!

Do you understand pullbacks ad buying on the dip?Do you have a clue about what this lil play is about?

No Imagine. Everyone clearly has to rewatch this video. Haha.

This is an older post by me,,,just sayin.And I have loaded the boat many times at the dock and had GREEN payload air lifted to banking facility.


I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I`m looking at the cast of solid individuals involved with this sub penny play and it makes me go,hmmmmmm.

The list of quality people involved before today`s news is quite impressive,they serve on the advisory board of Rogue Paper a recent merger parner of ECDC:

Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter
Walter Delph, SVP at NewsCorp Digital
James Finn, Head of Innovation Centre at O2 UK
Luca Franchi, Entrepreneur in Residence BSkyB
Ken Hayes, SVP Global Sales & BD at Appia
Gustavo Bosignoli, Director at Ericsson
Abdiel Mendez, Director at Ericsson
Harry DeWhirst, VP at Amobee
Doug Mandell, Principal Mandell Law Group
Kirsten Villers, formerly VP at JP Morgan Investment Banking

Now let`s take a look at the impressive 2 newcomers in today`s news item that are joining ECDC:

Joseph M. Kozak will join EarthSearch as CEO, and Cheryl Botchick joined Rogue Paper as Vice President and General Manager of Client Services.

Mr. Kozak served as Vice President of Industry Sales at Oracle, where he developed and implemented a global go to market strategy for Retail, Distribution, CPG, Life Science and Process Manufacturing software and database solutions. He also assisted in the completion of the acquisition of Retek Software, which rounded out the company's global supply chain strategy.

He was previously recruited by Goldman Sachs as CEO of Lombardi Software to oversee the startup's formation and development, focusing on Business Process Management for discrete and process manufacturing, CPG and Retail industries serving Fortune 500 companies. He also served as an equity partner at Ernst & Young, LLP.

Ms. Botchick will be responsible for leading Rogue Paper's relationships with its clients, working collaboratively with accounts to solve their most pressing business issues on a day-to-day basis. This also includes developing strategic and tactical plans to grow each business, while assisting Rogue Paper in achieving its financial and growth targets.

Previously, Ms. Botchick was an Account Director and Product Manager for AT&T Answer Tones for four years where she oversaw the web and mobile e-commerce portal for AT&T. She worked closely with content providers on marketing campaigns that ranged from flyaway contests to viral videos. Prior to working with AT&T, Ms. Botchick was an editor at AOL Music, developing content strategy for the leading online music destination.

Now mull those over in your mind and ask yourself,"why would they join a sub penny company,is that all they have to do" being of an inquisitive nature I keep digging and buying the stock.

I've been in this thing since the .0023-.0025's and didn't sell when it hit the 90's. There is a lot of potential among the 4 companies. Hoping the WetWinds beta will be released soon and the 10Q is good so this thing can jump.

You still with it Imagine?

Am still in and never have less than 500k shares,,,bought on dip yest and today.

IMO you should have at least pulled your principle and some profit when she ran last 2 times,,,,TRADE SMART!

The 10Q is due in a few weeks,,,boom boom pow.



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