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Energous (WATT) shares continue to climb and remains the #1 stock to trade right now.  The stock hit another all-time high yesterday $33.50 and we could easily see another record today.

If you were away this week, Energous (WATT) announced that the FCC approved one if its transmitters.  Shares soared 168% and then continued to climb.  Investors are betting they will strike a deal with Apple (AAPL) or be bought out.  The company standing alone with no deal from Apple (AAPL) has a lot to prove and will likely need more capital.

We view shares as a strong sell right now and WATT should see a pullback to $28 or lower.  However, while the volume remains high, expect big swings which is why we are calling this the top stock to trade right now.

Only time will tell!

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WATT dropped to $20 after slicing through $25-$28 support.  If this stock gaps down on Tuesday January 2, 2018, it might be worth buying for a snap back reversal.  Could run to $22-$23?


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