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This post is regarding the stock Hit Technologies, ticker: HIT.V
This stock was introduced to the exchange only two years ago, and in that time it has dropped from $0.60 all the way down to around $0.04, where it has indicated a bottom.
In the past few months, this company has introduced a groundbreaking new product, begun selling at BestBuy's across Canada, and most recently, made a partnership with Crowd & Company. This is the company that brought LifeProof earnings from 1 million to 300 million in a years time.
The P/E is at 1.
There is no excuse to miss this ten bagger. Couldnt help but share, hope it serves you well!

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*I think this company is pretty great, but this makes me biased. I'd love to hear any analysis or research done on HIT from anyone, for or against, in the comments.


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