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Kodiak Oil & Gas (KOG) is one of the best small/mid cap oil stocks you can buy.  The company drills for oil in the Bakken Shale located in North Dakota ( ) where it currently has 155,000 acres.

Kodiak Oil & Gas (KOG) stock recently hit a 52 week high located at $10.41.  Since that high, the stock has pulled back to $9 per share.   While the chart doesn't look so good in the short term, KOG is a strong buy from here on out for the long term.  I am hoping to get a pullback to around $7 or less by the summer of 2012.  Historically, between August -September has been a great time to buy the stock.  This doesn't mean the same will happen in 2012 so you might want to get your feet wet if we see the low $8's.

Kodiak Oil & Gas (KOG) is a volatile stock so you do have to be able to stomach the swings.   Volatility can help you accumulate more shares though if you plan to trade it.

Here is a list of past, present, and future earnings

2010 - $0.03 EPS

2011 - $0.23 EPS Expected - $0.12 of that is expected 2/28/12

2012 - $1.09 EPS Expected

Revenue is expected to grow from $136 million in 2011 to $675 million in 2012.

With a stock price of $9.04. Kodiak Oil & Gas (KOG) is trading at 8.3 times 2012 earnings.  I expect earnings to grow at a fast pace in 2013 and 2014 but not as fast as they did from 2011 to 2012.

By 2013-2014, Oil should be $120-$140 if not higher.  Even if oil remains between $90-$100, I am sticking by my price target due to earnings growth alone.

KOG 2013/2014 Price Target - $20-$30 per share

I spoke about this in chat the other day but I wanted to put this on a forum thread for everyone to look at.


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Maybe if Greece leaves it will

i just loaded up on shares of KOG at 8.11 and will continue to watch for another buying opportunity if it drops lower.  I dont think you can go wrong with this one, looks to be a solid 2013-2014 with lots of growth.

$20-$30 is my range for 2014, maybe first few months into the year because that's usually when KOG is performing the best.  $30 being my best case with oil exploding higher, right now this doesn't seem likely but Iran is still a major threat and anything can happen.  When markets tank, most stocks tank with it.  I plan to buy more but am waiting to see if drops below $7.

Just a bit of research on KOG compiled into a word file with some charts at the end , Uses Zacks Research


might help.


I hope Kog doesnt break the $7 support level but it looks like a possibility , if it does then short term is going to be messy though long term looks really good and i might increase my position at those levels .price changes dont really tell you anything about the stock, fundamentals look good , next earnings should report a gain and give KOG the boost it needs and that is why its crucial KOG reports solid earnings , if KOG is still hanging around the $7-$8 range at the earnings time and if for some reason the earnings dont show up good the stock could really get hammered but i really feel the earnings are going to be really solid .


but we really do need oil above $90 and by the look of it , seems like its going to $75-$80

how bad we gonna get hammered tomorrow

don't wanna think about it. not taking a profit will hunt me for a while.

I'd be really cautious. Here's a weekly chart:

im not clear on that chart is it saying itll be 5 soon ?

Predictions on how high this could get within the next 5 days? Back at 7.80 now.

Any chance KOG dips below 7 again?

I think unless the market improves, KOG will trade in a range between $7-$8 with rallies up into the mid $8's.  If this jumps above $9 this summer people will sell into the rally and look to reload again.  KOG is both a great trading stock and a great long term investment


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