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they are almost the same price now, which one do you guys think can run faster?

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Tzoo runs faster but mcp may be breaking out. Both stocks are extremely volatile. Mcp earnings Aug 11th. 
Danny do you think that $59 for both TZOO and MCP is a good entry point for next monday? or you think i should wait for them to go lower? i sold out my TZOO at $61.75 this morning and i plan to add more MCP if i can get in on a dip next monday

I think it was smart to sell your TZOO today and take profits. I think TZOO may go lower now but earnings can really put a damper on a stock although it is still a great company with growing numbers in a very hot sector.


MCP I have traded almost all year flipping a few shares and holding steady on my base of 1000 shares im holding for a bit. I really thinksince the rare earth sector is such a "mystery"so to speak with amazing potential MCP is one news story away (acquisition or confirmed sales/production) from a HUGE breakout.


MCP is very volatile however and can literally be trading back in mid 50's or can rocket up to mid 60's. If you want a position maybe nibble at it and start small and then build a position but be very careful with MCP


57.75 support for TZOO im looking to buy there


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