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MDNA.TO (MC C$36 M) (Cash C$20 M) Positvie Results in Q1 could lead to FDA approval

MDNA.TO (MC C$36 M) (Cash C$20 M) Hot Cancer Play with important Results in Q1 that could lead to FDA approval =1500-2000% UPSIDE Potential !

Brutally cheap and completely unknown canadian biotech stock with minimum 10 bagger potential . Positive Phase 2 results in recurrent glioblastoma which expected in Q1 2018 could lead to accelerated approval which would be a HUGE MAJOR milestones for this undiscovered low float stock . This company has brutally low valuation of only $36 million and most of that in cash $20 million which is enough untill Q1 2019 . This stock at $1.50 is a lifetime opportunity and we could see $15-20 easily on Positive 2 results and FDA approval .GL

Medicenna Therapeutics (MDNA.TO)

Market Cap C$36 Million
Cash : C$ 20 Million enough untill Q1 2019
Price : $1.50

Shares Out: 24.3 Million ( 15.5 Million shares held by Insider alone )

Medicenna Therapeutics (TSXV: MDNA) CEO: Our Drug Has Potential for Phase 2 Approval

New Presentation

Fact Sheet

Insider Ownership :

Aries Biologics, Inc. 5 500 000
Rosemina Merchant 5 050 000
Fahar Merchant 5 050 000
Elizabeth Williams 5 300
Chandrakant J. Panchal, PhD 1 000
Trevor P. Wong-Chor 714

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Nice move yesterday

Small Phase 2b trial has huge chance to be successful because it was already successfull in prior studies so this stock like to be above $10 after phase 2 results in early Q1 . And that Management holding 15+ million shares of the 24.3 million shares outstanding makes me also optimistic .GL

MDNA55 is enrolling patients in a Phase 2b clinical trial for rGB at leading brain cancer centres in the US. MDNA55 has completed 3 clinical trials in 72 patients, including 66 adults with rGB, demonstrated compelling efficacy and obtained Fast-Track and Orphan Drug status from USFDA. Unlike most other cancer therapies, Medicenna's IL4-ECs have the potential to purge both the tumor and the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment,

Medicenna Phase 2b trial using Brainlab technology

The current Phase 2b clinical trial plans to enroll 43 adult patients with rGB at leading brain cancer centers in the U.S.


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