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When I opened the circular section of the Sunday paper this morning, I immediately found out why J.C Penney (JCP) stock ran up 20% over the past week.  This company is just beginning a new, bold approach to retailing.  It's something I've never seen from J.C Penney before.  Recently, the company changed to a cleaner looking logo, now their circular is looking similar to a target ad with flashes of Apple (AAPL) retailing.  I guess J.C Penney (JCP) didn't steal Ron Johnson, the best retailing marketing guru in the world, from Apple for nothing.  In my eyes, I view J.C Penney (JCP) as a totally different company now.

The Trade - Buy JCP, Short SHLD

J.C Penney's New Logo and Ad Circular - February 5, 2012 - Like a Magazine

Page 1 - Very clean look, not a cluttered boring ad that you pass by
J.C Penney (JCP) Stock Chart - February 2012 - Big rally recently


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As most of you know, J.C Penney hired Ron Johnson as their CEO.  Ron Johnson was responsible for creating the Apple Stores you see all over the world with some input from Steve Jobs.  By 2013, you will start to see mini stores like Martha Stewart Living inside J.C Penney Dept stores.  This is going to be the new trend of the future.  Target (TGT) recently announced they they will test a few Apple stores inside of Target.

Anyway, I think JCP is moving in the right direction.  The stock pays a 2% dividend and is a good buy for the long term.

I'd used to work for JCP back in 06. Shares were 12-20 something at the time. I knew they would grow one way or another because I had seen their numbers. Not only that, growing cities needed them as well. I was hesitant of buying one of their shares then and wished I did.


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