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Noodles & Company (NDLS) flashed a short term buy signal yesterday as the 10 day moving average broke back above the 50 day moving average.  We saw a nice rally into the close but now with the stock market futures down today, NDLS will have to fight some headwinds.  It's also important to note that the MACD is rising and turned positive for the first time since the stock was $48 back in November 2013.

So now what?  Noodles & Company (NDLS) stock is likely to continue to find buyers on dips.  NDLS will have resistance at $39 & $40.41.  If the stock can break $40.41 over the next few weeks, a lot of shorts will cover and go long adding to the buying pressure.  Pullbacks below $37 are now a strong buy.

Noodles & Company will deliver earnings after the close on February 26, 2014.  The company already pre announced revenue of $91.5 million.

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NDLS topped out at $39 last week, all eyes will be on earnings next week.  I'm not expecting anything exciting due to the horrible weather.  I will be looking to start buying again in the $35's and below.

Didn't think we would test $35's so soon but people are selling because of what happened to PBPB.  PBPB has a lot of headwinds in the next three months.  NDLS shouldn't be painted with the same brush.  I plan to resume my buying spree after earnings.

Noodles had a nice jump on Friday.  Probably a rebound from the sympathy sell-off from PBPB.  I'm not expecting anything big to the upside or the down, since they've already put out numbers for Wednesday's call...unless they adjust up or forecast lower.

Interesting article describing the potential for a short squeeze in NDLS.  Not sure I think there will be one, but interesting to read, nonetheless.

I agree with his levels to watch.  They would have to beat EPS and raise guidance.  Due to the horrible weather, I don't see anything to exciting happening this time around.

What is everyone thinking..... take alittle profits today and sell? Re enter at a lower price?

I'm staying in.  Will just buy more if it goes down.

If I had to guess I say it won't hold up.  But who knows

I am out at 39.40. Up 8% today. If they beat, shame on me but I don't see up 8% and then up a ton more after earnings. We will see....
Huge 12% drop to 34.58 currently. Report was good according to Tim and my reading. .01 miss is not bad at all I would think. Over reaction?
Huge overreaction considering all of this should have been priced in since they reported ahead of earnings. Just Wall Street being their typical selves. Not selling. Will use this as another buying opportunity to average down if it goes lower.
On its way back up. Only 5k shares. NYSE after hours isn't really reliable either.


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