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Shake Shack (SHAK) reported strong earnings last night and shares are soaring 9% in pre market to $36.23.  Sales increased 40% from last year and the company reported $0.15 per share in EPS.  The company plans to open between 21-22 new locations next year which is a guidance raise.

Looking ahead for SHAK stock, shares will have resistance between $37-$39 as well as $42.94.  If we see another strong earnings report in February, we could see SHAK really explode higher.

My view that all pullbacks around $30 are a strong buy still stands.

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SHAK exploded 10% on Friday and closed above $36.  Expect more volatility in the months ahead but spring came early in the Northeast so Q2 should be excellent!

finally breaking out!!

Yes, this break out looks very promising

New 52 week high today

Thoughts on earnings?


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