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Small Caps Bull 3x (TNA) is finally seeing a nice correction but could go down a lot more with all of this election drama playing out.  If Trump wins, the market will sell off in the short term but break out in the long term.  If Hillary wins, the market will pop but stay volatile with a potential impeachment or indictment. 

Nevertheless, I still have a long term price target on TNA of $100-$110 per share.  All major dips remain a strong buy as they were when it dropped below $50 earlier this year.

TNA had a 2:1 stock split in 2017 - Update to this post -

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TNA hit $78 today on Trump's victory.  The stock market will soar on higher growth over the next few years.

Love this damn stock!  Bought 456 shares at an avg. cost basis of 72.74 from 10/25-10/27. Then, it went down, waaay down. I kept an eye on support and resistance levels and didn't panic. I bought another 475 shares via a limit order at $63 on 11/3. Semi-blind luck that this was very near the bottom. I was prepared to buy more if it went even lower. I sold the 475 shares yesterday at $76. And sold the 456 shares at $80.05.

Made over $9,500 in 16 days. Not a bad haul! Will wait for another dip into the low $70s to buy in again. In the $60s, it's a sure thing. 

I probably could've held on longer, but there's something to be said about protecting profits. 

TNA came within $9.50 of my 2017 price target range of $100-$110.  Small Caps are now outperforming again which is bullish.

TNA has hit my price target of $100-$110 this week, amazing last 30 days!

small cap outlook stocks will be good time to invest in this

Ambarella (AMBA) Stock
Celestica (CLS) Stock
Value Line (VALU) Stock

Split adjusted, TNA is up 147% since the election

Thoughts on TNA, UDOW, SPXL entry point?

I like TNA in the $40's but we need to see another meltdown.


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