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Treaty Energy (TECO.PK) stock is rising after the company announced an oil discovery in Belize.    TECO stock is surging by 109%.  I tried to buy Treaty Energy (TECO.PK) at $0.08 and $0.085 in my penny stock fund but I couldn't get filled.  I wanted to play the momentum but I cancelled those orders.  The only red flag is the fact that TECO trades on the pink sheets.  This stock was on a lot of radars last year -

Treaty Energy Corporation Strikes Oil in Belize

Treaty's Drilling Team Struck Oil on its First Well on the Princess Concession in Belize on Friday, January 27th, at about 4:30 PM-CT - This 1st Well, SAN JUAN #2, will be Completed and Put into Production Following Review by Belizean Regulatory Officials - The Stann Creek Field is Estimated to Contain up to 6 Million Barrels of Recoverable Oil

Treaty Energy Corporation (OTCQB: TECO) (, a growth-oriented international energy company, today reported drilling success on its first oil well, SAN JUAN #2, in Belize, Central America.

The SAN JUAN #2 well is near Independence Village, Belize, located adjacent to the Port of Big Creek in the Stann Creek District.

Final phase of drilling this well commenced on January 24, 2012, after review and compliance with all government regulations, requirements and inspections by Belizean officials and permission granted.

The initial casing (8 5/8 inch) was set and cemented in place using upgraded cement that was requested (H Grade). Upon completion of the cementing process it was allowed to cure for more than 24 hours.

Once the cement was properly cured and inspected by government officials permission was then given to drill to depth on the well.

All information compiled by Treaty engineers, geologists and its own accomplished oil industry veterans (Steve York, Bill Harden) indicated that we would start to encounter shows of hydrocarbons around 1100 ft.

At 1235 ft hydrocarbons were detected in the form of a gas register. This presence of C1-C4 gas readings indicated a geo-pressurized oil bearing zone/gas driven. As drilling continued the indicator steadily increased from the depth of 1235 ft with readings being taken at 1 ft intervals.

On site analysis of the cuttings by Advanced Geological Services, Treaty's "Mud Logging" equipment supplier and consultant revealed that hydrocarbons (Oil) were present in the cuttings samples. Continued drilling showed a constant increase in hydrocarbon presence in the formation through 1290 ft, after which there was a steady decline. This defined the producing zone to be 1235 ft – 1290ft.

Andrew V. Reid, Chairman and Co-CEO of Treaty Energy Corporation, stated, "We were advised by the drilling team to produce this first well, SAN JUAN #2, at the first pay zone based on their professional expertise. It is our plan to drill SAN JUAN # 1 deeper than SAN JUAN #2 in the belief that there may be additional pay zones present."

The cursory field examinations of the cuttings samples indicate lime characteristics with good porosity and high saturation. On site personnel evaluated the samples and came to the following conclusions. The characteristics are very similar to some of the great oil producing zones in Texas, specifically the Ellenburger Lime, Hope Lime, Caddo Lime, Edwards Lime, etc. The characteristics of these Lime plays are very well documented with initial production rates up to and sometimes exceeding 1000 BPD. These plays have produced hundreds of millions of barrels of oil over the past century and have been the source of many of the great Texas success stories.

Based on analysis and results the following plans will be implemented as we work in accordance with Belizean officials to properly integrate and produce this well.
1) Total depth of the SAN JUAN #2 well will be 1300 ft.

2) The drill pipe will be removed from the hole and the hole will be conditioned for completion.
3) A "four-quadrant" camera shot will be made to provide the geologists a photo image of the pay zone in four 90-degree views.
4) The 4 1/2 inch tubing will be set and cemented in place in the well bore.
5) Wire Line Logs will be done to supplement the Mud Logging data.
6) The casing will be perforated in the oil bearing zone.
7) Standard completion procedures will be performed to bring the well on line.

Treaty is in the process of acquiring its own wire line logging equipment. This equipment will be delivered to Belize on Treaty's newly acquired tractor/trailer that Treaty purchased to expedite deliveries of time sensitive items that are required for the Belize drilling projects.
Mr. Reid, commented, "Treaty's initial analysis of the 200,000 acre 'onshore' Princess Concession includes 80 anomalies showing promise. Through early analysis we believe we have so far identified 3 possible oil bearing fields of various sizes. Treaty chose the current, Stann Creek Field, for our initial exploration wells because of its easy access by our drilling team, proximity to nearby port facilities, and it being well outside of any protected areas. Our internal analysis indicates that the Stann Creek Field covers an area of around 350 acres, and with 4-acre spacing we would expect to drill up to 90 wells in this oil field. Based on our initial findings, we estimate there are about 5,000,000-6,000,000 Barrels of recoverable oil in place in this first finding."

Mr. Reid added, "We will commission third party engineers to confirm our estimates in the coming months. Treaty has 200,000 acres to explore within the 'onshore' Princess Concession and 1,400,000 acres on the Paradise Concession. We are taking all the necessary steps to move forward with an aggressive yet environmentally conscious drilling program on the Stann Creek Field and will continue analyzing all our additional acreage for additional drilling locations."


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TECO stock continues to go up, someone is hitting the buy button - $0.12 now.  The problem is getting filled, it is very hard with large share buys.  You have to put in your buy order in way above the last price in order to get filled.

TECO  over 100% people will take profits soon, and it may be a dip buy then, IMO

Yea TECO took a big dip - the big move has already happened, now we have to look for a base if we want in - 26 million shares traded is very impressive.

I like TECO find a base around 0.07.

If TECO dropped below $0.06 I'd probably buy the stock..let's see what happens today and tomorrow.  So far, $0.08 has held on the sell off.

Company Plans to Extend its Belize Drilling Program to Two New Oil Fields, Both of which are Substantially Larger than the Stann Creek Field, the Site of its First Successful Well in Belize

NEW ORLEANS, Jan 31, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Treaty Energy Corporation (otcqb:TECO) (), a growth-oriented international energy company, in follow up to announcing its first successful oil well strike in Belize, today announced plans to add two new oil fields to its Belize drilling program.

Treaty Energy Corporation Chairman and Co-CEO, Andrew V. Reid, stated, "In our release of January 30th in which we announced our first oil strike in Belize we made reference to some 80 'anomalies' on the 200,000 'onshore' acres of land controlled by the Princess Concession. Treaty Energy has so far identified three of these anomalies as areas of interest and will explore, analyze and drill following permission being granted by Belizean officials."

Mr. Reid added, "The first of these anomalies we refer to as the "Stann Creek Field", and of course we have already established this oil field as having recoverable oil reserves of approximately 5 to 6 million barrels in a prior release. Areas two and three, yet to be named, are located within 20 miles of our current drilling location. Both of these new areas are substantially larger in size and likely to prove superior to our current drilling site, the Stann Creek Field, which is approximately 350 acres."

"Treaty Energy's plan is to now initiate phase two of its drilling plan for Belize," added Mr. Reid. He went on to say, "This plan calls for two (2) drilling rigs to be operative at all times. One rig will implement drilling at designated locations on the site of SAN JUAN #2 where we have just discovered oil. The second and third areas (oil fields) will have exploratory wells drilled after permit requests have been approved by government officials. Areas two and three are removed from any environmentally sensitive areas."

In closing, Mr. Reid stated, "I am extremely excited with how current events have unfolded at Treaty. I firmly believe we are at the beginning of something more substantial than any of us could have ever imagined."

TECO - more news - Treaty Energy Provides Confirmation of its Belize Oil Find

Company has Further Reviewed its Finding and Confirms its Discovery of Oil on the Stann Creek Field in Southern Belize
NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Treaty Energy Corporation (otcqb:TECO) (), a growth-oriented international energy company, in follow up to its announced discovery of oil on the Stann Creek Field in Southern Belize, hereby details its review of the first successful oil well strike by the Company.
Stephen L. York, President and COO of Treaty Energy Corporation, stated, "Further review of the drilling samples from Princess/Treaty Well #2 on the Stann Creek Field confirms that the pay is a residual lime. Lime must be treated to enhance oil recovery. Standard treatment for lime includes treatment of the formation with additives to enhance inter-capillary wicking, which in return promotes oil flow to the well bore. Our independent logger made a visual analysis with microscope and blacklight and confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons. The logging equipment registered a steady increase, with a spike of associated gases through the lime pay-zone. The porosity was estimated to be from 8-12%. This is about average for a successful lime play well."
Mr. York added, "There have been numerous questions fielded in the last 72 hours. Here is a synopsis to curtail the speculation.
This is not a BNE well. BNE wells from all indications have much higher gas drive reservoirs (with some H2S gas) and free flowed initially.
The Princess/Treaty reservoir area was determined in size by Satellite image and Chem-Tool. Pay-zone depth was determined from actual drilling and mud logging. Porosity and saturation were gauged visually and outside consultants using statistical modeling, with low-side parameters predicted a reservoir size of 6M barrels. This figure could grow depending on the trending of the reservoir.


Weeeee. Waaaaa. Waaaaaa weeeee pure adrenaline. 
12 for 20k. Let's go  back to the teens baby. Y'all see this. 
This one may be a good ride Tim. Let us know if your gonna ride it in your penny fund   

I felt like that pig in the commercial on the rip line today. 

I don't  have good experience with penny stocks, but everyone is talking about TECO, so is it a good time to get in TECO? Or should wait for a bit. Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated? 

It depends, it is very risky, and if it rallies you have to sell out with your profit rather than to hold on.

that is what happened to me with LJPC. I did not sell for $312 profit. Now it is almost 50% and not moving at all. 


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