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TVIX is the VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX  (TVIX) ETN / ETF that let's an investor go long volatility.  With volatility going down and the market going up, this is only good to hedge your portfolio right now.  If you are looking to trade TVIX, I'd wait until it breaks through the high of the day.

TVIX buy levels to watch - $20.20, $21.96, $22.65.  When these three levels are broken, I think the market will begin a pullback.  Volatility will start to spike before a sell off.  At least, that's my opinion.


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TVIX back to $20, nice move today

Back to $19 now, TVIX has been dropping 6-8% per day over the last three days

Buy VXX or TVIX with the VIX under 20 is a relatively safe buy even with contagio in effect I think. I have about 200 TVIX but I'm going to significantly increase my stake if S & P advances another 5-10 points. 

I am very surprised that the $vix is this low with all the uncertainty going on in Europe. All the recent downgrades barely even budged TVIX upwards. One thing I noticed was TVIX traded its highest volume ever for a single day so maybe we'll see a reversal soon. 12 of 14 days down so far in 2012

I am surprised too. Hope we see a reversal soon

Fed minutes on weds.  First of 2012 may move the market 

When the market is nearing a top, volatility will start to really tank.  We've seen this last week and yesterday.  Like bottoms, tops take a little while to form but once you have a clear break down, volatility will really spike as investors buy protection.  TVIX has been up and down but you will see a clear break out when we start a correction.  The best thing to do is either buy and forget about it down here, or wait for a clear break out above $22 keeping a tight stop around $21 or so.  TVIX could go down to $15 if the markets keep rising

TVIX above $20 again

Longed @19.1, not sure if it's a good idea to fight the trend but it's gotta break out sometimes soon..

i'm officially in. its at 17.xx even if it drops more.. i gotta figure that this'll go way up once the market finally comes down to earth

Just make sure you either set a stop or prepare for a possible retest of the $15's, maybe even lower.  The market is going straight up and confusing a lot of people right now.

I do not play volatibility. I hear many person saying to not keep TVIX overnight....  is somebody can explain to me why I cannot purchase TVIX let say at this level $17 for around 30-60 days.... maybe TVIX will going down as far that 15$ and probable more, but as the market will probably pull-back, TVIX will probably come back close to 20$ within few weeks. In why is that so dangerous. I understand the risk level can be high, but even if TVIX have high expense ratio, in what this ETN is more dangerous to some stock?  Please can somebody can explain me why is that so wrong to purchase TVIX long when the stock is at 17$...  Thanks


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