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TVIX is the VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX  (TVIX) ETN / ETF that let's an investor go long volatility.  With volatility going down and the market going up, this is only good to hedge your portfolio right now.  If you are looking to trade TVIX, I'd wait until it breaks through the high of the day.

TVIX buy levels to watch - $20.20, $21.96, $22.65.  When these three levels are broken, I think the market will begin a pullback.  Volatility will start to spike before a sell off.  At least, that's my opinion.


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@tom- do you see a 10-15% pullback? What price are you comfortable buying tvix? What other stocks are you looking to buy if we see a market correction? thanks. 

This is just my view, so take it for what you will, but:

I see a 20-30% pull back in the S&P during Q1 or Q2, possibly back down to 1000 before QE3 comes in and creates a huge risk on rally.  I think 10 yr yields will be closer to 1.5% than 2%.  Im buying tvix in the mid teens.  I plan on riding the volatlity up then switching to risk assets when the Fed begins policy action. 

Although I don't agree it will be to 1000, I would love to see TVIX jump if that happened (:

Wow. Tom. You see that much of a pullback 20-30%? What are your reasons behind such a huge market correction? What is your price target to buy tvix? What price are your comfortable at buying? Thanks!

Trying to place stops and positioning for a better price between $14-$17 is tricky.  As we saw two weeks ago, TVIX can move up quick.  It went from $14-$21 in a matter of days.   If you are buying TVIX down here, you are either anticipating volatility to pick up or hedging your long portfolio.  I don't think you use a stop unless you are trying to day trade it.

Probably, I told my roommate to sell off all my TVIX around 19 on Thursday (I was in class and wouldn't be able to access it during a midterm.). Around that day it seemed like the Greece deal would go through. I don't believe this solves much, and they will continue down the road towards a possible default. Also the S&P is coming back to that 1370 area. I will buy TVIX when it drops again below 16. Around 1370 I see a pullback based on this rally and more bad news coming from Europe. This should cause TVIX to go up. We probably will see the S&P hit 1370 this week. I am not sure and we will have to wait.

i bought too much in the 18-19 range... you think itll rally up this week

is up $.98  you would think with the mood of the marketthis morning, it would be the opposite.

Tim, did you end up getting any TVIX today?

Credit Suisse Temporarily Suspends Further Issuance of VelocityShares Daily 2x Long VIX Short-Term ETN -

what does this mean exactly? does that mean I can't buy any more shares of tvix? is the market price changing or something?
OK so if I'm not this doesn't apply to me?


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