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TWTR has been on a tear lately with the latest being dubbed as one of the top ideas of 2018 by JP Morgan. What are your thoughts on investing/trading in twtr?

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I tend to agree on TWTR as I think the worst is behind the company, finally!

As you know, I used to trade and invest in TWTR but I always sold into the large rallies.  Below $15 was the strong buy area and it seems the stock is finally on the rebound.

I think it can go to $35-$40 again in a few years.  I now view pullbacks below $20 as a strong buy for the long term investor.

That was my thinking as well. Thanks a lot Tim

Well, you didn't have to wait a few years, TWTR is trading above $34 after earnings!

Tim, based on today's move, do you think Twtr could go up to $40s in a few weeks? Or you think there is going to be a pullback to below $30 before moving higher?

Yes, I would sell anything above $33-$34 and look for other investments

I love it Tim. I plan to keep this one for another year or so. It seems that it has the legs to go much higher as the monetization story improves further.   


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