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Today I sold my NSPH and placed a buy on Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) at $0.95 and I got filled.  I took a loss on NSPH but if I would have been around this morning, I would have had a nice gain ( NSPH ran to $1.59 ).

Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) has been basing in the $0.80's recently and is seeing a break out today.  Hopefully PEIX isn't a one hit wonder but the stock will now have resistance between $0.988-$1.00.   If it spikes above $1 I will probably sell and regroup from my minor NSPH loss today.


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Sold PEIX at $1.01, placed an order to buy at $0.96 again

I bought PEIX back at $1.06.....the stock is in a basing pattern and the volume just started to pick up.  The chart says big break out or big break down.....keeping tight stop at $1.02 

sold PEIX @ $1.14

What was the reason that caused you to sell? From my Analysis, it appears it is technically stronga above the 50sma. Thoughts?

I decided to lock in profits because it made a series of lower highs and the volume was dying.  I made a really nice gain.  If I see it start to break out again, I will buy back.

Peix had nice movement today. Tested the 200 Sma and finished just .02 below 200 on 10 million shares. Definitely worth watching this week to see if 200sma can be taken out.

PEIX is showing mixed signals and it couldn't break out above $1.29.....shows me it might be overpriced up there.  They need to release some news.

Bought a 60% position in PEIX this morning at $1.12 - will buy the other 40% if it drops lower

How are with it dropping today?  I got in at $1.09...hoping for a climb.  Thanks!

I bought in at 1.08.  Where do you think you see selling?

Sold my position in PEIX, taking big loss, but I will buy SSN tomorrow and roll with that one for awhile.  Has better potential than PEIX


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