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Stocks to Buy 2/12/14 - February 12, 2014

This is a daily discussion for members to post news, hot stocks, or general discussion about the stock market.  If you see any stocks moving to the upside or downside post them here.  Also, feel free to post stocks the you are buying, thinking about buying, or watching right now.

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Top Stocks to Watch February 12, 2014 - YELP NDLS TSLA RH SCTY Z AAPL FB PBPB TWTR TNA Z WFM

Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ICPT), Verso Paper (VRS), LiveDeal (LIVE), and Minco Gold (MGH) are some of the top stocks in 2014 so far.

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Comment by Stocks To Buy on February 12, 2014 at 9:51am

Sorry this post didn't show up yesterday afternoon.  

The shorts just can't catch a break.  Eventually we will retest 1800, that is pretty much in the bag.  The hard part is calling the top of this move.  We are up again today.  Everyone who called the top yesterday has been proven wrong.

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